mobius fax

mobius fax
A continuous piece of paper faxed to a company as a prank or as a retaliation for distributing junk faxes. (From the mobius strip, a two-dimensional surface that has only one side. To create one, take a long, rectangular strip of paper, twist the ends 180° with respect to one another, and join the ends together to form a loop.)
Example Citation:
"Let the offenders know how it feels to run out of paper. Get their fax numbers and 'use the Mobius Fax,' schemes Vince Nestico, who runs The Anti-Telemarketer's Source Web site ( 'Tape about six sheets of construction paper together lengthwise, and start the fax . . . after the fax has passed through the first page, take the opposite end of your construction paper strip and flip it over once. Tape that end to the end that has already passed through, creating a continuous strip.' "
— Charles Pappas, "Remedies to Prevent Others From Filling Up Your In-Box, Talking Your Ear Off, and Using All Your Fax Paper," Home Office Computing, February 1997
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